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My hope is to guide you in discovering tools to understand and see yourself fully. I want you to realize that you hold so much power and knowing within your own body. And I hope to give you the support to make this process your own. 



"SOMATIC MOVEMENT... one which is performed consciously with the intention of focusing on the internal experience of the movement rather than the external appearance of it."


Our mission is to create a revolution in the way dancers are trained, to tap into their already extensive awareness of the body. From mindfulness techniques, in order to understand their emotions, fitness exercises that bring body awareness, to movement used to release any blocks stored within their body, mind or heart. Dancers will walk away from the MOVE /NTO YOU program with a better grasp on the power within their own bodies and a stronger understanding of their own somatic intelligence, the ability to self-soothe after times of stress, anger, fear or sadness. We are driven to support movers in their growth as dancers and as humans.


MOVE /NTO YOU mentorship program allows you to delve deeper into your specific story, with Vanessa Lauren guiding you through the more intricate pieces. We will use the processes from the workshop, but will have more freedom to discover what you specifically need, with strengthening exercises and choreography. You will work on discovering the stories that you are ready to release, overcome resistance with support and recognizing the power you have within your own body.

Your individual journey, with Vanessa to guide you along the way.

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