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Change can be such an adversary, but at times it can lend itself as a motivator.

Have you ever cleared everything away to see what was under the pains of the changing tides?

Did you ever look internally to see what the universe was trying to pull out of your heart.

Maybe the extraction of an old belief or an inability to say no and stand up for yourself required more than you can see in this moment.

Did you ever think of the years that it sat within you to furrow beneath everything you knew so that it could hide and keep you in the same place for as long as it wanted. 

That is why the change came - with a force so unbelievably shattering that you needed to clutch your chest to be sure your heart did not fall out.

Yes, change can be earth-shattering, but if all that is left behind are pieces of that held heart and remnants of your being, you can always begin again, because rock bottom is the most transformational place to be.

Trust me, the gathering will start the momentum and each turn of the page will bring you something brighter and more beautiful than you could have ever comprehended. This change was meant for you.

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