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This practice is working for you in two ways. First, in supporting your body by opening and stretching the tensions that we all experience: repetitive movement/postures through daily life, constriction of muscles due to regular fitness exercises, and unprocessed emotions that become stored in your body as tensions. Second is to give you a tool for those moments when you feel overwhelmed by what is going on in your life, maybe feeling insecure, disconnected from yourself, stressed, or even distrusting of your body because of the emotions and anxieties you may be experiencing. These may seem like two unrelated focuses, but you'll soon learn that they are integrally connected.


and center your self

your body


into you

MOVE /NTO YOU is taught as a series of workshops by creator, Vanessa Lauren. Each workshop uses dance, journaling, and meditation, and is created for various levels, from beginner, considered as an individual who has never taken a dance class before, to advanced, workshops designed specifically for dancers. This process is intended for any individual interested in moving and learning new ways of supporting their body and themselves. 


the process

M/Y body

Learn how to support your body with movements that intentionally open, stretch, and release the tensions that build up within your muscles and fascia due to your daily routines and fitness exercises, consider this a regular tune-up. In addition, the human body has the ability to provide us endless information about ourselves, but we regularly become disconnected from it. This disconnection prevents us from using one of our best tools for centering and building trust within ourselves. If we can begin to integrate awareness and presence within our bodies, we can unlock the wealth of knowledge that we already possess and build a home in which to center ourselves in regardless of what we're going through.

M/Y self

From the connection to the body to releasing the emotions that keep us blocked, we find a new space to exist within, where "I am" is enough. There is no need for a label, there is only the experience of you and what it feels like to be you without the societal pressures or conditioning.

M/Y emotions

Emotions fill our days, our minds, and what many do not realize, also our bodies. In this practice we have the opportunity to work with the emotions that accompany the experiences where we feel overwhelmed, stressed, insecure, and any other moment that takes us away from ourselves. We work with these heavy emotions throughout the choreography in order to release them and the tensions that become stored within our physical body that are a result of these emotions going unprocessed. This part of the process helps to create space between who you are and the stories/labels that you may have identified with that continue to keep you from experiencing you.

M/Y practice

The more you return to this space, this practice, the more you can begin to make it your own. This process is meant to show you what your body and you are capable of. To support you as you discover that regardless of the emotion, the insecurity, self-doubt, you are whole and you are enough because you are YOU.


what to


Always bring a journal and wear clothes you feel comfortable moving in. The dance sequences use repetition to allow this process to be about your internal world and how you're feeling, making it a great workshop for doing within your own home/space. The movements are also designed with a lot of emphasis on stretching to intentionally open and release tensions carried within your body. You will always be invited to find ways to make the M/Y process your own, and if you enroll in the series of workshops, this is what you will be working towards, so never feel pressured to look a certain way, or keep up with a set pace. This is your time to feel and explore YOU.

what movers are saying 

I left my first MOVE /NTO YOU session feeling amazing. It was like EFT tapping for dance. I got to release an emotion that's been stagnant in my body and embrace a new emotion that I want to experience more of. The movements were fun and easy and Vanessa was incredible at keeping me grounded and focused on emotions in my body. I can't wait to practice the movements again.

—  Sarah Cohan

MOVE /NTO YOU gave me space to be fully present in my body and my emotions. I'm no dancer, but Vanessa made it easy and intuitive to let my subconscious speak through my body. I can't wait to go back to this again and again.

—  Shannon Theobold

MOVE /NTO YOU is so much more than a movement class, it's an experience...Vanessa does a really good job at explaining all the movements so you can feel it to the maximum. We moved the spine in all planes of motion, which feels so amazing after sitting at a desk all day. I absolutely LOVED the energy changes in the music and her encouragement to transform the movements to reflect the energy. 

...[I] left feeling empowered and energized! I recommend this class to anyone who is ready to move through their emotions and come out feeling more trustworthy of themselves.

—  Leah Rich



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