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using dance, journaling, and meditation 


calm the mind, tend to the body, and reconnect to you

the practice

Guided by creator, Vanessa Lauren, with creative and low-impact choreography that allows you the space to breathe, center the mind, and explore what you feel. In turn, realigning your mind-body connection, strengthening your awareness, and leaving each practice feeling reconnected to your body and self.

the practice

release + reconnect

The combination of dance, journaling, and meditation supports you in processing and releasing the stress and anxiety that is often held in the body. In this new presence, you find peace, grounding, and the space to remember what it feels like to be you, that authentic self that has been under all the mental noise, insecurities, and stories. This is a journey designed to be your personal practice, so make it your own.  


We live a very mind-heavy lifestyle. This practice aims to rebalance the mind-body connection by bringing your focus back to the body. A practice of being present, and in a way that's enjoyable, (not everyone likes to sit for 30 minutes and meditate).


Did you know that your body is designed to move the stress and heavy emotions you experience, out of your body? It's rare that we allow this process to happen, to find time after a stressful moment at work, or a long day, where we actually go through this processing and release. When your stress and anxiety goes unprocessed, our body will store these as tensions within our physical body. This practice is your time to process the stress, anxieties, and unprocessed emotions, in a guided and safe space. 



Each piece of choreography is intentionally designed to guide you in opening and stretching your body to counteract the tensions that build from daily life, while also experiencing movement that feels good, free, and creative. The movement is low-impact, gentle, and intuitive. The dance styles used are contemporary, lyrical, and jazz.


You experience the feeling of "I am" without the noise, external pressures, stress and anxieties, and find yourself in the feeling of peace and groundedness within your body and authentic self. Showing you that the most confident and best version of you has always been within. The more you can create a practice with MOVE /NTO YOU, the more you can begin to integrate it's benefits into your life, knowing you can show up as your full self, regardless of what comes your way.

what movers are saying 

I left my first MOVE /NTO YOU session feeling amazing. It was like EFT tapping for dance. I got to release an emotion that's been stagnant in my body and embrace a new emotion that I want to experience more of. The movements were fun and easy and Vanessa was incredible at keeping me grounded and focused on emotions in my body. I can't wait to practice the movements again.

—  Sarah Cohan

MOVE /NTO YOU gave me space to be fully present in my body and my emotions. I'm no dancer, but Vanessa made it easy and intuitive to let my subconscious speak through my body. I can't wait to go back to this again and again.

—  Shannon Theobold

MOVE /NTO YOU is so much more than a movement class, it's an experience...Vanessa does a really good job at explaining all the movements so you can feel it to the maximum. We moved the spine in all planes of motion, which feels so amazing after sitting at a desk all day. I absolutely LOVED the energy changes in the music and her encouragement to transform the movements to reflect the energy. 

...[I] left feeling empowered and energized! I recommend this class to anyone who is ready to move through their emotions and come out feeling more trustworthy of themselves.

—  Leah Rich



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