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We all have moments where we begin to doubt ourselves, forget what we are capable of, and even who we are. This practice addresses three main areas that cause us to become detached from our authentic self, and provides you the tools to move through them, using dance, journaling, and meditation.

There are two types of movement practices, one uses improvisation and your own choreography, intended for current dancers. The second, uses phrases choreographed by Vanessa and is for a mover of any level. With both types of practice you are building your capacity to experience all of you, build a foundation of belief in both your self and what you are capable of.

the practice


I like to view the degree of emotions by the feel of them in our body, so light or heavy versus good or bad. Heavy emotions can seem intimidating and bad at first, but they are actually there to inform us. How else would we know if we didn't like something, or needed time to process. Emotions are our first level of awareness in the M/Y practice.


Did you know that your body is designed to move the stress and heavy emotions you experience, out of your body? It's rare that we allow this process to happen, to find time after a stressful moment at work, or a long day, where we actually go through this processing and release. We'll look at the areas of your life that cause you the most stress, in order to build your capacity to recognize the tensions that build up in your body and be able to release them.



We all have them, but how we deal with them affects how we show up for ourselves, what actions we take, or don't take. Becoming aware of your insecurities creates the space to actually work with them. These have the most intricacies so these are tackled after emotions and stress to ensure the foundations are covered first, and you already have a practice that you know works for you.


At the end of every practice, you are brought back to the self. This is important to know because it can be intimidating moving with any of these levels, but you will always be guided back to a grounded and peaceful place. The feeling of "I am" without the noise. With each practice you will see that the most confident and best version of you has always been within. And integrating this knowing allows you to show up as your full self, regardless of what comes your way.

what movers are saying 

I left my first MOVE /NTO YOU session feeling amazing. It was like EFT tapping for dance. I got to release an emotion that's been stagnant in my body and embrace a new emotion that I want to experience more of. The movements were fun and easy and Vanessa was incredible at keeping me grounded and focused on emotions in my body. I can't wait to practice the movements again.

—  Sarah Cohan

MOVE /NTO YOU gave me space to be fully present in my body and my emotions. I'm no dancer, but Vanessa made it easy and intuitive to let my subconscious speak through my body. I can't wait to go back to this again and again.

—  Shannon Theobold

MOVE /NTO YOU is so much more than a movement class, it's an experience...Vanessa does a really good job at explaining all the movements so you can feel it to the maximum. We moved the spine in all planes of motion, which feels so amazing after sitting at a desk all day. I absolutely LOVED the energy changes in the music and her encouragement to transform the movements to reflect the energy. 

...[I] left feeling empowered and energized! I recommend this class to anyone who is ready to move through their emotions and come out feeling more trustworthy of themselves.

—  Leah Rich



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